General Medicine

The 2nd Department of Pediatrics of Comenius University Medical School and University Children´s Hospital plays a major role in the organization of the pediatric practical for the medical students in 4th and 6th year. Program is identical to the course for Slovak medical students, but the practical sessions, lectures and examinations are conducted in English. Communication with patients, their parents and members of the stuff at the Department who may speak only Slovak, requires fundamental Slovak language skills. However Slovak language is compulsory for the first two years of study, the basic knowledge of language is expected.

A comprehensive understanding of the mechanisms and manifestation of disease is a necessary framework with which one can plan strategies for prevention and diagnosis. Lectures and practicals are largely concerned with providing core information needed for all of the medical students. The principal knowledge of child development and health belong to the general medical education for the future physicians regardless of the chosen specialisation.

Next to the secretariat there is a noticeboard, where you can see your actual schedule placement, terms of exams etc., or you can find here possible changes in these data. Please, feel free to come and talk to any senior member of your teaching staff if you have any problems with the course or want advice on reading, electives or careers in pediatrics.
Course of pediatrics study starts in the 4th year and finishes with the state exam in the 6th year. It is divided as follows:

Introduction to pediatrics

4th year 7th semester

exam – multiple-choice test
+ essay questions

Pediatrics 1

4th year 8th semester

credit – multiple-choice test

Pediatrics 2, 3

5th  year 9th and 10th semester

exam oral

Summer practice

July, August

2 weeks (80 hours)

Pediatric clerkship

6th year 8 weeks

followed by state exam


We hope and expect that you will enjoy this period working with children and their parents.Students qualify for credit by attending all of mentioned modules, demonstrating necessary knowledge and skills in examining patients and presenting the detailed case report. Any clinical practical missed has to be compensated before a designated time limit